Infinix Zero 8i Unboxing & First Impressions | A Big Surprise! | Rs.14,999


Hello folks this is I've been a tow from his bike interview about the infinix

 So baseless was stocked with on boxing for the infinix ito 8 I this is the official box for the smartphone which few deals in and out inside the box you get the smartphone

 first of all you get the stickers for this device and it's of any unique proposition by the band this time why don't you get to keep you cool which is really take apart from that to get the charging module along with the charging cable the charging we're doing as a fost judgment so that's pretty good you also get a sim tray ejector tool on the 

documentation inside along with a clear screen protector I would have loved if the clear screen protector was be applied on this device but it's not the case so that's 

something that you would have to be of it if we better be put into the building design for the smartphone it's a really big 1 but the unique characteristic design which helps it to stand out from the competition the problem on the back is really large it has a 6.85 in sport the split and if you look at the comparable it's definitely huge and at the back bays of 18 nice Max finish which is still maybe glossy and shiny so it does not catch fingerprints as much as some other smartphones out there but still that phone is huge I'm you'll definitely need a typical of it that is a 2.5 M. Jack USB C. port and speaker grill on the bottom the fingerprint sensors embedded in the power button on the right inside I'm so fast and accurate it comes amid you will soon and will will be via wifi support along with their dedicated micro SD card slot I'm at the back this the quad camera setup along with LED flash for this 1 it's available in black diamond I'm so what I'm gonna tell us honestly pick also because of the 40 500 and Mitch Backstreet the display on this 1 is a 6.5 inch full HD plus display the Palestine not 90 hold to the finish date on 180 host at sampling rate is a Max brightness of 48 units and a 90.1 percent screen to body ratio it's an I. P. says he does play with the colors and contrast in sunlight also it was visible on. Though the current prostration isn't as high as an omelet I know it's still fifteen hundred is to one sometimes the game issues while I had full screen gestures enabled but they would also privileges and bugs all of which can be dissolved on the inside it comes with the media to keep you G. ninety P. processor eight gigabytes of ram twenty GB of storage there's no NFC support but it does support USB OTG it has almost every since it acquired for the smartphone expedience as good read write speeds because so your first two point one storage all the benchmarks indicate that it's a good performing smartphone and it does not support wide wind and wind so that's something which Juventus on a smartphone and if you talk about giving performance on the smartphone it comes with liquid cooling which allows for sustained gameplay for long duration of time it was great as I felt that in this price range this is one of the better chipsets for gaming if we talk about connect

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