Samsung Galaxy A51 Review One Year Later: I Still Recommend It, Even In 2021!


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daily so it might be hard to believe but the 
data-id="Text">Samsung galaxy 8051 is nearly a full year old now it was release

 in mid 12/20/19 and basically by January it had quickly become 1 of the most popular mid range devices and it's remain that way throughout the year in fact I personally believe this phone along with the A. 71 not only helps reshape the broader mid range

 smartphone space this year but these A. series devices likely had a significant impact on the direction Sam song eventually took with their smartphones the A. 515 G. and a 715 G. after all are heavily promoted here in the US and the S. 20 feet a much cheaper alternative to the flagship has sort of made the higher end devices are relevant more affordable but still plenty capable devices are what people want right now and the 851 is the quintessential example of that now I've had my regular A. 51 here for nearly the full year and in my time using this phone and having compared it to callous other devices now I still keep coming back to it simply because it's a solid well rounded smartphone that offers just about everything you could ask for and each time I look at the price gets better and better so in this video I'm not only going to talk about my experience with this phone this year but also let you know my thoughts on the newer 8515 G. as well and most importantly all share my thoughts about getting this phone right now and heading into 2021 and whether or not we'll be seeing a 52 anytime soon so to start off I think it's important we understand the couple variations of a 51 devices that are available now this original A. 51 was released in mid 12/20/19 it's the international version but it's also sold in the U. S. unlocked and through various networks I think it's what most people. Think of when they reference this phone and wallet originally launched for more than $300 and even close to $400 here in the US you can get 1 unlocked now from places like Amazon for closer to $260 and let me just say anything under 300 Bucks for this phone is a steal no matter the configuration you might get now in the summer Samsung also launched the A. 515 G. both internationally and in the U. S. and for US folks in particular and Sam song and the big carrier networks have been heavily promoting that phone too you might be asking yourself okay besides 5 G. support what's the real difference and really be a 515 G. gets a slightly larger battery a bump up in processor and ram and that's kinda it the whole rest of the phone is the same that you wouldn't be able to tell them apart just by looking at them and there weren't any other additional features or new things offered with the A. 515 G. obviously the A. 515 G. is the new or slightly more powerful device but the problem in my opinion really is the price Samsung sells the A. 515 G. for 400 $99 a lot of the US carriers have a price there too 400 to $500 Verizon even has a higher than that and sure Sam song has some holiday deals and trade in offers that might bring the price down and the networks have sign up bonuses for new customers but here's the bottom line between the regular A. 51 I have here and the 8515 G. do you get in my opinion minuscule upgrades really but for who literally hundreds of dollars more I stand in multiple videos now that I personally do not think the A. 515 G. and by extension the A. 715 G. are worth the extra money especially here in the U. S. when the S. 20 FE 5 G. exists and when this original a 51. Just wait wait cheaper and I think the whole point of this phone is affordability anyway so something's up with the pricing and availability I think the regular year old original A. 51 is still the 1 to get especially now that it's even cheaper and I think if you have more money to spend it just makes way more sense to jump up to the S. 20 FE 5 G. over the A. 51 of the 715 Jeez since you're actually getting away better phone from top to bottom and if you guys are interested in doing some comparison shopping of your own all leave some links down below and video description to all the various Samsung phones that I'm talking about so you can see for yourself what's available what kind of deals are offered so check down there so you don't miss out physically I thought the A. 51 looked great when it first came out and now a year later I still think it holds up well to anything released in 2020 in fact I don't expect smartphones to change that much next year either you've got a small hole punch camera cut out at the top which goes nearly unnoticed slim minimal bezels all around and what I like most about this phone in particular is how thin it feels in the hand it has more of a con toward back in and she purses some other devices and that allows for some comfortable 1 handed use if it fits for you now it's 6.5 inches it's certainly not a small phone so it won't necessarily be right for everyone but it shorter and slimmer than both the age 71 and that's 20 feet and really for folks in the U. S. this is gas the smallest mid range or higher tier smartphones Samsung even launch this year Europe and Asia got the A. 41 which even smaller B. 801 is a budget device so if you want specifically a smaller Samsung phone that isn't the flagship asked 20 I think this is a lot of people's only option that was released this year at least now back with his phone first came out I may have been a little critical about the. Plastic form factor the shiny glossy rear housing is supposed to mimic class though you can certainly tell it is a cheaper material I still think it looks nice the rainbow effect is kind of cool and the polished chrome sides do a nice job of sort of faking a flagship design but with with the no 20 having a plastic cover this year and yes twentieth he also being covered in plastic I guess I'm just sort of stopped caring about materials as much it probably keeps costs down it's certainly more durable than glass and for the price I don't think you can expect much more than this most importantly unlike previous A. series phones that tended to get really scratched up pretty easily this plastic has held up way better so that I think is worthy of some praise you might notice that the front display on this phone looks a bit beat up but don't worry that's just the cheap screen protector that came pre installed on this phone actually it's not the physical screen I kept the screen protector on just out of sheer laziness more than anything it's pretty crappy and it got scratched up almost immediately but it's still on the job it's supposed to I guess namely protect the screen and that's really what matters the rest of the sort of physical aspects of this phone are kind of hit or miss on the one hand you've got a headphone Jack which is nice some people still value that and there's as D. card expansions SO 2 positives but there's no water resistance rating no wireless charging support a maximum 15 white USB C. charging standard and a single speaker setup which don't get me wrong still sounds pretty good but it's no match for dual stereo sound. All in all those physical attributes may or may not be something that you value in a smartphone I can certainly look past some of them but they are an indication of this device not only being sort of a cheaper mid range phone but also perhaps being a little behind the times now after a year 1 thing I think that really holds up with this phone though is the display the 6.5 inch screen is Samsung's super annelid panel it comes in a resolution of 20 400 by 1080 packing in 405 pixels per inch and this I think is probably what most people will appreciate a phone like this this is played has been great it offers a fantastic viewing experience colors really pop it's plenty bright and for the price especially you have nothing to complain about this is what Samsung does best on their more affordable devices especially there a series but looking ahead I think 90 herds and 120 hertz displays will be the theme of 2021 and while some manufacturers are already putting at least 90 hertz panels in there 300 to $400 phones I don't think Samsung will do that with her a series unfortunately Samsung hasn't released a 90 hertz phone 120 hertz did reach the asked 20 at fee but I doubt it'll trickle down any lower than that I hope I'm wrong but I just don't really see it happening and if that's the case this 1080 resolution and what's up is probably what we'll get again on a 52 so what more reason still to just consider this phone something I kind of wish Samsung would ditch on there A. series phones next year is actually the in display fingerprint reader this for me on the A. 51 has just not been great it hasn't gotten that much better for software updates and compared to what shipped on the S. 20 F. E. E. it feels like night and day this 1 is just so slow and inconsistent I'm grateful to have it. Given what 2020 has been all about but a physical button sensor like on the M. 51 it would be way better in this case fortunately face unlock when you can utilize it is great the phone unlocks basically right away when I look at it now if you remember at the start of the video I explained that the main difference between the various 8051 models is with the internal specs so let me go over all of that and I'll try to offer up my thoughts on it all this regular A. 51 is powered by the Exynos 9611 chipset and either 46 or 8 gigs of ram you can get any configuration depending on where you live the international a 515 G. gets the newer acts you know SO 980 in either 6 or 8 gigs of ram and the US variants the A. 515 G. U. W. or orchard wideband ships with the snapdragon 765 G. chipset and 6 gigabytes of ram no other configuration options to choose from for me this regular A. 51 has been great for anything I've needed it to do I do have 4 gigs of ram and I kind of wish I had more at times certainly load times games are a little slower than I would have liked and out management suffers from time to time to but what I pay $500 for the 5 G. version of the song absolutely not the overall user experience even with the lower level specs has been totally fine it's great even in most cases and when you push it a little hard with graphics heavy games it can handle it all just fine for well under $300 I have no issues with this set of specs for well over 400 or $500 I definitely have some issues with what you're paying for on the A. 515 G. models if I had a 1 recommendation it would probably be to get this regular A. 51 with 6 gigs of ram and stad that I think is the right balance and the only thing I'd change if I could but everything else about this phone has been great. And even like 6 months from now I don't see it having any issues it also will likely be 1 of the first phones to get new Samsung software updates to it got the 1 you I. 2.5 update pretty quickly and entered 11 with 1 U. Y. 3 is coming soon to this device so that's great I think this phone has another 2 years of solid life left in it at least and likely more so the overall investment to me even still is really solid and battery life on this phone for me has been pretty great too yes you do get a 40 500000000 battery with the 5 G. versions of the A. 51 well this version of the phone has a 4000 battery inside but the 5 G. versions have more powerful processor to manage and the whole 5 G. thing too so it may end up evening out in the end throughout the year there hasn't been an instance for this phone hasn't lasted me a full day no matter what I was doing and I've been really happy with how it's been able to perform 1 aspect of this phone that I think sort of paved the way for mid range phones to fall this year has actually been the camera set up I've said this before but most of the early 201980 series phones just had really mediocre cameras but this year Samsung I think put a majority of their effort into camera attack and it really paid off the quad lens set up here is plenty capable the 48 megapixel mainland's takes great standard shots the wide angle is super useful macro lens for super close up photography that's not something I ever use I'd rather have a telephoto lens like gas and that the depth sensor I suppose is still necessary for this phone but I've taken some fantastic pictures and videos with the phone this year you've probably seen them all at this point in a bunch of different camera comparisons and if maybe you've had and used a mid range device in the past or even 1 of Samsung's own A. series devices and weren't too impressed by the camera maybe even thought it was pretty terrible like I used to I recommend giving this phone another look. Because it's just much much improved now yes camera tech in general has come a long way especially in 2020 and especially on flagship phones but I don't think Simpson is doing anything too crazy next year with the new A. series phones either they'll likely just refine this set up again maybe you'll have some better zoom capabilities or improved video stabilization but what you have here right now is likely gonna be the basis for next year too and what is offered that was still really good so looking ahead let's think about what the A. 52 might look like and to be honest I suspect it'll look very similar to this phone I guess more appropriately it'll be closer to the A. 515 G. and I think it'll be a very minor upgrade I don't see a 52 getting a higher frustrate display or Q. HD resolution I think the A. 50 to use cameras set up will be nearly identical maybe I'll get a 64 megapixel mainland's from the A. 71 but most everything else should be the same the specs will change for shore 6 or 8 gigs of ram as the minimum probably that should get the snapdragon 750 G. chipset with 5 G. support obviously but if you're looking for some crazy new device with lots of new features at an even more affordable price with the A. 52 I just don't really see it happening the big question really is should you even wait for that phone and in my mind I don't think so if you want the A. 51 get it now and enjoy it because I don't think you'll be missing much more from the A. 52 the same goes for the A. 515 G. even more so I think if you can get a good deal on that phone sure go for it the 80525 G. will probably be the same price you likely won't be able to get any good holiday deals on that phone and I just don't think it'll be a huge upgrade anyway I fully suspect this a 51 to be a great bye well into 2021 and beyond and I don't think there's any reason not to consider. It right now or even a few months from now so there you go those are my updated thoughts on the A. 51 after a year what do you guys think about this phone I know some of you likely have it so I'd love to hear your thoughts of course from your own personal experience but hopefully you guys did enjoy this video be sure to follow to daily on Twitter and subscribe to the take the lead to channel if you haven't already I'll see you guys later. 

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