Top 10 New Open World Games for Android & iOS 2020 | Top 10 Best Open World Games of 2020

Wilderless (Beta) iOS:- Spyder iOS:- Desert skies Android:- Madout open city 2 Android:- iOS:- Street of fire Android:- Cat simulator 2020 Android:- iOS:- Journey iOS:- Totally Reliable Delivery (launch on 1 April) Android:- iOS:- Dragon Raja Android:- iOS:-

open world can be considered its own genre you can find accurate depictions of real life cities or countries huge fictional expanses with their own landmarks they allow you to explore freely so hi folks this is Sam and today we're going to explore top 10 new open World Games so without further ado let's get started starting off with number 10 we have Wilder list this is the gorgeous new open world game from the maker of Ninian legends it's designed to be huge open world that you can virtually explore and get lost in but with an even bigger scope than either of the previous games in the game there were no missions or any type of quest to complete however you only have to do that explored the beautiful sights in the game swim under water and fly over the sky in addition the graphics of this game is really improve than previous games right now this game is on beta test so it will be even better at times to come moving on to number 9 we have a spider this is an open world puzzle solving game where you'll explore unique in open environments and play the role of the spine robo spider whose main task is to steal the top secret information for save the world you have a whole arsenal of tools at your disposal as well as the ability to crawl all over everything that isn't slippery it's loads of fun but can be tricky at times the game has stunning graphics and beautiful story line and if you like adventures and puzzle solving games then consider it at least once moving right along to number 8 with the desert skyline it's a wonderful concept open world sandbox game where you craft your weapon to kill monsters in the desert but here's a twist players should take care of his health in different perspective life water food etcetera also on initial state players have nothing only hot air balloon raft which help you to. Fend yourself from monsters in the desert and weapon workshop for visual perspective game has nice and clean graphics but control are not good down to number 7 we find mad out open city too it's a Grand Theft Auto style sandbox game where you get to play a 2 bit criminal in the beginning as usual you can only complete the minor and mostly unimportant missions but as you go on you'll be able to improve your position and inspire to more important missions for the visual perspective the graphics of this game is all dressed in St and I think so that you can play this game at high settings if you have the flagship mobile I'll however there are also many graphic options for low end devices to. Do you at number 6 we have streets of fire this is an open world game with high texture graphics in the same style as GTA I play this game so I can tell you the pros and cons first the game has a huge map that allows you to go anywhere steal vehicles and do anything that you want but there are no missions and no story lines which makes the game a little boring second the game is still under development which is bad news because more than half of the city is locked the only thing you can do in this game is free roam in the city and enjoy the view. Right along to number 5 with the cat simulator 2020 this is an open world game where you will become a beautiful cat and you will find a family farm in the middle of a green forest with a large blue lake you can do whatever you want in this vast world so the main objective of this game our sneak up on your enemies help former go and Peggy and start a family yes you can grow family of your cat and teach them everything you know with such a huge family you can beat a fox even a bore and in addition you also have to collect coins and hunt for the food you unlock more breeds of cats at number 4 we have journey visually journey is beyond stunning the direction really carries the game even on older devices like iPad air 2 your aim seemingly is to reaching malam that's always visible to you initially journey stories told through a few cut scenes spread across the experience without any voices journey uses the ecstasy based economy to craft an emotional arc across its entirety as well as emphasize individual movement your scarf grows longer and longer but Franklin County with terrible ribbon monster turn your rippling scarf into a mere stuff overall on iOS this is a must if you've never played before on to number 3 we have totally reliable delivery service it's a wacky physics based open world simulation about the worst delivery careers ever it's a funny thing the illusion in which you'll have to control the Currier to deliver stuff to your customers however the physics in this game will obstruct you more than helping you your job is to bring the boxes from point a to point. B. but instead of just sticking and crawling there will be a lot of modern machines that help you with your task they include cars toys conveyors and many other things that they are ready to throw you and your stuff out. Coming on number 2 dragon Raja it's the most sci fi visually stunning mobile game we've ever seen blowing everything that came before it out of the water the environments are a true joy to behold and are absolutely teeming with life whether a fax and realistic physical facts in addition the game features nice storyline and have some question mission which held inside the ocean similar to perfect more bile overall dragon Raja makes a worthy addition to your library of must play games so give it a try right now but before download you must have 6 gigabytes space to run this game. Finally out number one we have again shin impact this game is described as an action adventure set in a large open world map honestly the map is huge it's basically the size of the witcher map if not bigger the ocean is explorable however if I talk about the pros of the game the art and graphics are truly top tier and the colors are vibrant and the music is inspiring and the world feels completely immersive I was completely blown away by the environmental design however the game is on the closed beta so soon it is available for everyone for play so that for today guys if you feel this video helpful then leave a like and don't forget to smash that subscribe button and turn on bell notifications because we put our videos every week now either way thanks for watching we'll see you guys next time

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