Oppo F17 Pro Review: Is the sleekest phone of 2020 any good?


Although over both some of the most impressive flagship phones the industry has to offer the company has historically managed to establish itself as a brand that that is the trend the glamour and more importantly the cameras above everything else then you boys 70 pro that I have with me right now follows the same trend dubbed as the slimmest and lightest entry and opus fashion first S. CD's of smartphones the way 70 pro is definitely something to drool over but how's everything else on this phone let's find out. Like its predecessor the S. 70 pro stands out among the competition because of its design like I said earlier opal is advertising this going to be the sleekest phone of the year measuring just 7.42 millimeters in thickness while being 165 fans the phone almost feels non existent 20 being in the pocket opal has achieved this impressive like we build partly because of the use of a polycarbonate back alongside the plastic frames this may sound like a bummer too many but trust me it's really not considering how much work opal has put in designing the back panel with a subtle reflective matte finish holding the phone adds a different angles make it seem as if the camera module is porting vase applied throughout the battle there's also a way to go strip running down the length of the phone therefore resulting in a hip to atone design unfortunately the phone is not asking to bring persistent **** opal would want you to believe also the camera module itself has a dual layered finish with the actual census protruding even farther and I also noticed dust accumulation around the camera module therefore masking off the glossy surface beneath it overall despite the shortcomings the design of the away 70 pro is definitely 1 of the things that you like now moving on to the display opal S. 70 pro sports a 6.43 inches FHD plus annelid panel refreshing at regular 60 hoods with a 12 bunch will cut out for the selfie cameras and like every other typical Amalek panel you get to enjoy rich Karlis with excellent contrast on the display it can get plenty bright too even though you are under direct sunlight global also claims that the phone can reach up to 800 needs of greatness likewise the company has also added dark mode and always on display features on the S. 70 proof both of which were absent on the with deep dark mode on the over 70 pro is still in beta and therefore does not work well with all the apps but as you get to play around with up to 18 different plug styles and the information to show under the always on display settings. Powering the opus 17 pro is mediatek's Helio P. 95 tips which is definitely an improvement over the heat UP 70 that was there on the old way 50 on my usage I face no problem with the phone as it was fairly capable of handling my everyday tasks with 8 GB of ram onboard multi tasking was a breeze as well now getting to gaming I was able to get around 25 to 30 FPS in but you will buy under east to graphics and extreme frame rates the FBS data comes directly from the built in game assistant feature there are hardly any instances of starter or noticeable lack but as with most of the mediatek chipsets the food does start to heat up pretty quickly therefore naturally if you want a stable and comfortable gave me expedience or the of 17 pro you will need to tone down the frame rates to our charter high similarly I tried playing call of duty will blend in both graphics and frame rate set to high here the gameplay was fairly decent with minor stutters every now and then but nothing that concern overall the performance on the opioid 70 pro is surprisingly good still if you look at the competition like the real B. 7 pro or the V. V. 20 they are offering slightly better snapdragon 720 G. chipset but still don't get me wrong the Hida B. 95 is not as bad as I initially thought as for software it runs on color OS 7.2 based on android Dan and is currently now on November security patch opal also has a very good track record of providing security updates and they gradually improving its ways as well obviously it's nowhere near the best but I like the we hope with 17 pro ships with Google phone and messaging apps as the default instead off the open letter to do even swiping right on the home screen takes you to the Google discover feet if memory serves me right this piece was sheltered by some kind of assistance like feature from the company itself other interesting features on the cholera 7.to include opals lab and will be lax as the name implies the former is home to a set of new experimental features at the time. I was writing this review there were 9 assorted features inside it and I personally find it how it is to change the I could jeeps and such similarly the I can pull gesture makes it easy to use the fourth single handed in terms of cameras the OTP with 17 pro ships with a total of 6 cameras for at the back and 2 at the front the rest set up includes off the 48 megapixel primary sensor followed by an 8 megapixel wide angle and 2 megapixel monochrome census they do a bunch will cut out on the Disney houses a 16 megapixel sensor and an additional 2 megapixel that sends up in the process of reviewing at 70 Bruce cameras I compared it against their view of the 7 pro as both of these devices we deal for a similar price here in normal images the shots from the of 17 pro tend to feature this noticeable biggest into them while the ones from there you'll be 7 pro has more of a yellow tone the dynamic range is also compared to the voice on the S. 70 pro as you can see from these samples the one from real B. has better details and highlights but in a couple of instances there will be 7 pro does overcompensate shadow deals exposure moving on to the wide angle images the photos from the view of the 7 pro are much more detailed and have better exposure and white balance maintenance while the results are fairly compatible the dimly lit situation the inferiority in over 70 pros wide angle sensor is highlighted in a sunny environments portrait images looks like the better on the S. 70 brew as the ones from there will be 7 pro have overflowed shadows that exposure the S. detection itself is very similar between the 2 phones though although the subjects do look a bit more then on boys a yellowish hue of the B. on the 7 products almost cartoonish okay regular self fees on the of 70 brook field while the ones on the competition come of reddish and maybe even over sharpened here is will the subject looks moves in on the S. 70 pro put itself we share a similar story by the background exposure is much worse on the rear of the 7 pro all right when it comes to nighttime show. It's both the Ford struggled by quite a bit under extremely poor let involvement the regular nighttime images on the S. M. T. bu I. relative V. either as we have the seven pro has slightly punchy colours it also has better exposure and strategy deals compared to the S. seventy pro and therefore looks better with a good amount of detail turning on night mode images from both the phones have so

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