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Uhhuh. The only shape and we have summer parties Jennifer is evil I now know I mean she's actually evil not high school evil. Jennifer's body was directed by color and sama written by Diablo Cody and stars Amanda Seifert and Megan fox is a story of 2 high school best friends we've known each other their whole lives needy played by side Fred and Jennifer played by fox on one innocent night to to go to a bar to see an indie rock band called low shoulder the entire place burns down but the lead singer insists on taking Jennifer with him and his creepy van and the to get separated when Jennifer shows up later that night she's covered in blood eating chicken off the floor and barking up black liquid and soon enough she gets an appetite for human flesh Jennifer's body is a very unique film and that it has gone through quite the evolution in regards to how it was received initially the film was received very poorly and there's still a lot of people who don't like this movie critics didn't like it all that much people have been like that all that much either I first saw it a few years ago when my wife showed it to me one of our earlier Halloween specials we did called scary movie binge she wanted me to see Jennifer's body I had never seen it because of that reaction sometimes when the public really hates a movie I'm like out whatever I'll check it out anyway you know sometimes opinions differ but everybody seemed to hate this movie so I skipped it I didn't watch it until my wife suggested it and we did it for that video it was near the end of this marathon that we did it was like 4 or 5 in the **** morning we had watched all these movies and then we watched Jennifer's body and we still walked I believe the orphanage after that and so after seeing Jennifer's body without really being able to pay attention to it all that much I said I thought it was alright over the years I have wanted to watch the movie consistently more often since then I've seen it 3 times I've watched that feature commentary I've shown it to friends I've watched it again on my own and I've really come to love this movie I think that it's massively misunderstood and extremely miss market at twentieth century fox in their marketing department decided to rely. Entirely on the sex appeal of Megan fox she was fresh off of transformers the time and that is all they cared about nearly every poster sold the film in that way as did the trailers the Blu ray for this movie actually has a special feature entitled Megan fox is hot I'm not getting you play it and it's essentially an anime music video montage sequence of Megan fox looking sexy from the movie that's all it is and by far the most embarrassing thing that twentieth century fox suggested was that Megan fox appear during live streams on porn sites to promote the movie like I'm not making this **** up they completely didn't get what they have with Jennifer's body and they ruin this movie for a long **** time somebody was mentioning that at a test screening or you had a test group and somebody was like it needs more poops I still have the card so there was there was a test screening that's a kid wrote they said what would you improve about this film and the kid wrote needs more boobs and spelled boobs B. E. W. B. S.. And that was the data that was collected and taken seriously it's been recently the film has been re evaluated more by people mostly by female critics Jennifer's body is the film that 2019 is black Christmas wishes it was it's gorgeously directed the cinematography is actually really good I know this is strange to hear because the film has this unwarranted reputation but it's entirely because of an image that is studio constructed for this movie that it wasn't even trying to be so a lot of people went to this film expecting either a horror film only. He can. So here are nice. Jennifer was on September 18 he scares. With these sweet. 8. Jennifer's body. Richard or or a movie or Megan fox is really attractive to the whole thing this is a dark comedy joblo Cody's films like Juno or young adults all have a very subversive edgy bite to them in Jennifer's body literally has bite but the humor is also very much so like that and if you're not on that wavelength or you don't prefer that kind of dialogue that's understandable to be very on the nose characters refer to themselves as female health care products Nick names and stuff like that throughout most of the movie and sometimes that can be a little much but what I love about this movie is surprisingly Megan fox is excellent she plays a character that is so tragically obsessed with her self image that she can't even come to terms with the fact that her friend who socially is a lower on the totem pole than her as a loving relationship with her boyfriend chip played by Johnny Simmons is smarter than her and is probably going to be more successful than her in the future the way I look at this relationship between needy and Jennifer in the movie as as sort of like that high school friend that you have and then when you graduate you're starting to move on maybe you're going to college or getting a job or your life is starting but your friend is still kind of acting like they're in high school. Because they just don't want it to end that's the way I view these 2 characters it seems like eventually that's where things are going to go for them Jennifer's body purposely takes horror tropes are used to seeing in movies like this and turns them around and most of it is because it is from a female perspective for instance once Jennifer gets an appetite for flashy tends to lower a boys to places she takes one boy into the woods by saying Hey let's go sort some stuff out and he just follows her she does the same thing with another boy and he just goes along with it when she invites one boy to what he thinks is her house that ends up being on an undeveloped street filled with houses that have no residency at leading him to an unoccupied house with a light on upstairs and he just willingly goes inside because he thinks he's about to get some if you just flip that for any other horror film no girl whatever convincingly just follow some guy into the woods twice or into a weird abandoned house because Jennifer's victims don't view her as a threat because she's a girl and because they want to have sex that's really **** clever something else the film then it's a bit of a similar statement that the movie cherry falls made cherry falls was a not that great slasher movie that actually never had a theatrical release and eventually went to the USA network starring the late great Britney Murphy and that movie the killer was going after virgins only so everybody in the school it's like we need to **** right now to save our lives which goes completely against every horror movie ever where the people who are having sex regularly are usually the people to die first it was sort of this golden grain message that premarital sex is bad and if you do it you're gonna die. And this one has a similar theme as well and I'm gonna talk about that now it's going to involve some spoilers so if you never seen the film that's your warning I do recommend it I think that it is way better than people say I think in the future will be regarded more highly than it is now when Jennifer and needy meet this indie rock band they think that Jennifer's a virgin and Jennifer is not in fact needy overhears this tells Jennifer I think you're a virgin she's like points. It's kind of funny when they take their in their van later she begins to realize she's made a big mistake and she thinks that her defense is saying I'm a virgin the church the **** birthday man. Yes yes I. I'm a virgin I've never I've never done sex I don't know how so you guys find. Does. Wow but in reality that's exactly what they want to hear because they want to sacrifice a virgin they're agents of Satan and if they can just sacrifice one their indie rock band will be successful because it's really hard out there for indie rock bands nowadays which is also **** hilarious the point being is that if she had just been honest and said that she's been **** since junior high she would even say the film isn't saying that having sex before marriage is bad it's actually kind of endorsing it so naturally you know some people will probably not like that and some people don't like that but that's fine it's a movie. And it definitely wasn't lost on me that a bunch of dudes are offering up a woman on a sacrificial altar to achieve professional success the point is this movie was ahead of its time and the films that we get nowadays like 2019 black Christmas are so aggressive and so angry with their message that they alienate a large portion of the audience Jennifer's body didn't this is a movie that anybody can watch you know just from my perspective there's a great male character in this movie chip played by Johnny Simmons is actually a genuinely good guy and him in needy have a loving healthy romantic relationship with 1 another in fact at the end of the film 1 ship becomes the classic damsel in distress and needed has to run to rescue him I'm actually really sad when he dies because he's such a nice wholesome character that you don't see that much in movies like this and since we're talking about spoilers if you don't know Jennifer's a succubus since she wasn't a virgin and this indie rock band sacrificed her she came back to life so she needs flash to sustain her life and so every once in awhile if she hasn't eaten she starts to look really drained and very pale and theirs is really sad scene where she's putting make up all over her face to try to hide that and the sadness is heightened by the fact that her desk is filled with photographs of herself it's like that's all she cares about it Sir image how she looks also JK Simmons has the most hilarious **** wake in this movie look at that **** hairpiece I I love it I look at look at him. Something else I like about the film is that it opens with needy in an institution and you can tell that something happened to her she kicks the **** out of this orderly calm. And you think it's done for shock value or comedy because the oracle he flies back pretty **** far then she punches a tether ball and it just breaks and again seems kind of like it's for comedy but at the end of the film you realize that after she fought with Jennifer and killed her she gained some of Jennifer's powers so that kick and punching the tether ball and breaking it is not just for comedy it's because she's super strong now and I love when films can have something presented in one way and then just have it mean something completely different when you watch it again listing to the director and writer talk about this film on the commentary you can tell they're frustrated there's many portions the route where they say that shot that should have been the poster I wish that was in the trailer I wish that was on a Billboard and you can tell that they were frustrated by the way twentieth century fox promoted this movie to people to put it in perspective on the audio commentary cards sama said that this was one of the first shots they films because she knew that if they show the studio Megan fox walking down a hallway in slow motion that would satiate them and they'd leave her alone that's pretty **** sad if you ask me it was promoted mostly to boys 12 to 14 year olds you can't even see the movie unless the parents with them that was a giant mistake I think it's taken 11 years honestly for people to actually start to appreciate Jennifer's body for what it is even the first time I saw I thought it was alright it's just it really just stayed with me and I wanted to watch it every once in awhile like once a year and I just kept watching it to the point where I realized that this movie has a lot more to offer than most films of its type I'm gonna get Jennifer's body and a minus. The test screenings were were horrible and I believe that's because of the audiences that were recruited for the screenings which we like frat boys exactly the studio had a very strong unshakeable belief that this movie needed to be marketed to young men specifically so that was who thank you came because of me I'm assuming yes okay exactly I got a very memorable email from. I'm a I'm a marketing person at the studio once right I you know had sent him this articulate defense of the film and here is how it should be marketed and I said what specifically are you thinking and he wrote back. Megan fox hot 3 words. For a trailer together that is more marketing in terms of general in terms of what is the value of this film okay so that should give you an idea of where okay where they were going with that if you hated this movie the first time you saw it maybe check it out again just distance yourself from the marketing take it out of context from its time and forget about the imagery that the marketing try to sell this movie as and just watch the movie as a dark comedy with horror elements guys thank you so much for continuing to watch the eighth annual Halloween special I hope you're enjoying it and if you like this you click right here and get stuck my nice.

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