Google Pixel 4A Review in English after use and Unboxing!


Hello folks decide to not have from inspired and today we are going to talk

 about the Google pixel phone 8. So guys 

who start off with on boxing for the Google pixel 40 this is the official box for the ballistics of 40 to get inside the first thing you'll notice is the pixel for a smartphone it's a very deep and handy smartphone and utilize it to first glanced at how easy it is to hold the smartphone with just 1 hand inside there's also the sim tray ejector tool the charging module with the cable and the USB OTG connector along with warranty card and the use of non what if we talk about the bigger design it's incredibly handy at 8.2 millimeters thickness I'm just 143 grams of the it has a polycarbonate plastic back and a plastic frame get this phone feels quite premium is available in only 1 convenient but just the just black love 18 on the front has a good luck last 3 protection the power button hasn't accent which is light green and it's on the right inside the volume rockers just below it and honestly the policeman seems a little Vietnamese is 2.5 M. Jack at the top and I'm glad that it's still there the camera bump does not preclude out back much and there's also a noise cancellation microphone on the top at the back there's a fingerprint sensor which does work for the weeds to desist quite a bit inside and apart from that on the left is a single slot for the physical mental same but you can also use 1 additional 7 Easton teacher at the bottom there's a USB C. port speaker grill at the back the single camera setup is present which is made in such a way that it looks like you get more than 1 camera and there's also an LED flash at the back along with the Google branding this move not overall finish adds to the charm for this device the display on this 1 is a 5.1 inch display and it's an older display with HDR support and full HD plus resolution but it said that the maximum brightness was slightly low for VAT Hostin light conditions single 0 each abilities great and that makes me feel the display size is absolutely perfect for day to day usage of a dog. But can it would be it's a dual sim smartphone with blue band wifi support Bluetooth 5.0 I'm on the inside it comes with a Qualcomm snapdragon 7 put the G. chipset you get 6 gigabytes of ram 120 GB of storage is only 1 particular option in this marks when you get on 100 NGV fleet out of the 120 GB and it has a 12.2 megapixel primary sensor the battery capacity is slightly low and if we talk about the internal read write speed docks respectable item 500 megabytes per second if you take a closer look at all of the other things Dan look at our schools okay it comes with the latest version of android I'm being the pixel smartphone if you'd get a lot of updates over a long period of time so that also makes it a really promising there were no hiccups in the U. Y. whatsoever you can use the smartphone easy for long duration of time 6 GB of ram is enough for most of you might be asking needs except up talking further about the connectivity I felt that those support for aptx HD audio Bluetooth 5.0 and all of that stuff makes it a pretty good smartphone it does support added a condition and you get a 40 plus speeds but isn't offended you the main camera still each or 12.2 megapixel F. 1.7 aperture of 1.4 micrometer dual pixel sensor it has started to show its age and some extremely low lighting situations and the lack of an ultra wide and telephoto sensor is definitely felt but still I have to say that the dealer truth is that the pixel 40 soon all floors are definitive Gambar expedience in the sub 50 K. price segment and when it comes to still images no phone in this price segment even comes close to it is also support for astro photography there are things like the upshot nights I'd expect a much needed to be legal it comes to the front download the 8 megapixel F. 2.0 unit has started showing its age and avoid we have 24 megapixel selfie cameras are also available the front camera has a fixed focus instill sword is clearly not even compatible with the background up on the evening of the. So since on the front does state okay mages but sometimes they may just not be any bad I'm the focus situation is V. D. bad when you take into consideration the fact that the fixed focus instead is focused up to infinity the back down read the state could eighty stellar images on along with night site and all of the other software enhancements that Google has in their arsenal the final picture output does come out really good but if you're somebody who's looking for a huge megapixel count will be in for a disappointment the back camera shoots up to four K. videos at thirty frames per second it has a guide to you guys support which does well good but the front W. is quite often and it's only finished it is a new shin

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